V Residence

When it comes to private residences, lot’s of fun can be found in designing a bachelor’ s apartment. This being the case with this project , we had the opportunity to concentrate on a more masculine palette of materials and colours. Upon assignment, Vangelis Bonios was provided with a “carte blanche” to design all the furniture and select the lighting and decorative pieces.
An open space was organised , surrounding a kitchen stone island that separates the spacious dining area from the living room every day zone. Natural oak, brushed granite slade and velvet hues intertwine effortlessly bringing a cool yet distinctive feeling.
The holistic design approach meets its completion with the custom designed washbasins and the overscaled marble tiles that have been selected in total agreement with the apartment’s aesthetic identity.

Lighting Design | CPLD
Photography | Dimitris Vergis
Construction | Helmos Construnction Company
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