V Apartment

Maintaining the basic morphological elements of an Art Deco apartment in the centre of Athens proved to be a challenge for Vangelis Bonios and his team during the in-deapth study of both the interiors and furniture selection for it’s new owner.

With a unique view of the national garden and the glamour of a residence located in the area of the old palaces of Athens reflected in every corner, the demand was obvious right from the start – Revival. A rebirth of the elements of this exquisite apartment and their transfer to the present adopting a truly “masculine” style following the brief of the client, a friend of Studio B o n a r c h i. A style that emerges through the use of furniture elements with a strict, sharp geometry.
B o i s s e r i e painted in black, doors with panels in extra glossy finish, rich plaster mouldings that envelop the white ceilings and dark oak floors compose a set reminiscent of a film noir from the 40s.
Upholstery with fine silk and rich velvet fabrics in shades of grey and custom made furniture from the owner’s favourite brands are added to the scene. Leather, bronze in dark shades and white marble were carefully chosen to highlight the constructions of the coffee tables and the desk that takes centre stage in the room with the oak lining.
Looking out of the window to this historical quarter of the city while surrounded by finery associated with an era long past, one cannot help but think that life does indeed move in circles. Black and white ones.

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Photography | Katerina Avgerinou (1,4,6,8,10,11,12,13,14)
Photography | Dionisis Andrianopoulos (2)
Photography | Vangelis Paterakis (3,5,7,9)