EX Residence

The commission of a private residence, being by nature a more personal project when compared to hotel or restaurants, is a welcome change for Studio Bonarchi. This was the case with this family house located in a posh suburb of Athens , where the owners’s love for art played a truly significant role.
A private collection of modern art pieces was the inspiration that gave birth to the idea of a house looking like an art gallery. White walls bathed in natural light were selected right from the beginning as the ideal backgrounds for some of the “grand scale” paintings. The works of artists like Santiago Parra , Katrin Frindrinks , Li Tianbing and Panos Haralambous stand out , being a part of the family’s everyday life. A bipolar palette of black and white colours was selected as an antidote to the multicolour presence of the art works.
Oak linings in dark colours and floors in natural and white ones , elegant transparent glass panels, nero marquina and white volakas marbles , together with clear, pure lines create a serene environment and an ambience with a glow of warmth that calms down the senses.

Photography | Vangelis Paterakis
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