Bonarchi Apartment

An apartment in a 1930s building of the Interwar period in central Athens was selected to host the Bonarchi agency. The unique sense of the Athenian sunlight coming through the overheight off-white windows of the facade inspired Vangelis Bonios to create a bright everyday space that functions both as a meeting place and a welcoming lounge area for the studio.

A French style boiserie in white was conceived to be the main background of the space, matching the original interior lacquered doors that were kept and meticulously preserved. So were the white ceiling mouldings and the oak fishbone floor, both quite fundamental elements of the apartment’s character, that strengthen it’s origins. A collection of refined pieces of furniture from different times in history, together with a selection of sleek contemporary design objects and art pieces, define an eclectic style, typical of the agency’s mood.

Photography | Katerina Avgerinou
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