Villa Angsana, Corfu

Part of the A n g s a n a resort, this two level villa with a spectacular view to the Ionian sea rest on the top of the hill overlooking the entire property.
As with most of our projects based on locations with a strong traditional identity, the challenge was to create an artistic vocabulary that stayed true to the Ionian architecture and interiors while at the same time incorporating some contemporary connotations.
The villa consists of three separate bedrooms with their own private bathrooms, a main living room and a kitchen area. The white wooden beam ceiling and the t r a v e r t i n o stone floor someone finds in those rooms, are two strong conceptual gestures that work as a reminiscent of the island’s traditional architecture. Surrounded by these elements , a selection of contemporary wooden furniture, custom made lighting elements and works of art create an amalgam of authenticity and sophistication.
Natural rattan linings , dark brass details and linen fabrics add warmth and serenity.

Photography | Vangelis Paterakis (1,2,5)
Photography | Studio Bonarchi ( 3,4,6)

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