Literally hanging over the dark blue waters of the Caldera, with a spectacular view to the Volcano, this latest addition to the Charisma hotel consists of 8 totally renovated suites surrounding an imposing traditional windmill that dominates the property. The owner’s request, being himself a native young hotelier, was that these new suites should in a way blend in with the existing Charisma hotel while at the same time bring a new, refreshing twist to its character.

To everyone who has ever experienced Oia, it should not come as a surprise that there is no interior design that could rival the breathtaking view of the Volcano and the Aegean Sea. With that in mind, studio Bonarchi’s approach was ‚Äútransparent” enough to leave the visitor undistracted when facing this profound beauty. An all white interior, inspired by the traditional Cycladic colour palette has been enriched with the addition of dark elements. The rough black materials, in contrast with the white walls, act as a reminiscent of the dark Volcano mass, bathed under the bright Greek sun. The use of stone in earhty tones, natural rattan details and linen fabrics is a direct reference to the windmill lifestyle of a bygone era.

Photography | Katerina Avgerinou

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