Washington DC Restaurant

A closed invitation for a competition is always an honour for Studio Bonarchi. The central idea of the brief was to create a contemporary place to host the Greek culinary experience in Washington DC.Vangelis Bonios’s concept lied upon four basic elements : water – light – earth – whiteness .The idea was to translate these four essential elements that represent the greek spirit and the memories that somebody has when visiting Greece into a modern symbolic vocabulary that would give shape to a dynamic sleek modern space. Their immaculate interconnection is being attached by means of color and intersection. The way the surfaces intertwine with each other, the lines, the relation between the volumes and the alterations between the solid and the emptiness constitute the result of the final translation.
The main element of the composition is the liquid line (representing the presence of the Aegean sea). It is a sand – blasted dark granite volume ( lava stone) 12m long and its top consists of a marble digitally carved and polished to give the effect of wavy water. The open kitchen has been designed in an L – shape volume providing a cozy eating corner at the front part. The presence of the visible cooking oven adds a warmer light and sharpens the senses. The bar area on the opposite side provides the balance of the composition. The fire has been replaced by the coloured glimpse of the bottles together with the sunny gold veins of the marble counter. The mix of the shining glasses in contrast to the soft texture of the wooden oak panels in the back of the bar gives a dose of relax and euphoria at the same time makes senses weightless.
A large wooden table, placed on top of the “liquid line” representing the greek fiesta, is the heart of the synthesis. It forms the part that gives pulse and tempo to the whole endeavour. It is the place where laughter and passionate vivid discussions are heard.

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