The Wrap

The Wrap is a 30 sqm tortilla bar located in the centre of Athens, just a few minutes walk from Syntagma square. It was designed to host a street food canteen, a bit out of the ordinary, a gourmet alternative to the mainstream street food options, offering fresh flavors that are daily produced with ingredients of the highest quality.

This idea was what determined the palette of materials, along with the final composition. Oversized marble tiles in dark grey and khaki tones were placed on the central serving bench and walls, creating a monolithic effect, while brass details appearing on several custom-made furniture and lighting items, bring a soft glow to the interior. The already existing small scale geometry of the space led to the adoption of one and only dominant linear element. A bar consisting of a vertical set of selves gives way to one central bench where the colours of the delicacies take central stage, thus seperating the kitchen’s functions. This bench runs along the interior, splitting it to two and finally finds its way to an oak communal table that welcomes customers outdoors. The linear alignment of lighting elements, both pendant and sconces, intensifies that gesture and leads the gaze of a passersby directly to the heart of the interior.

The Wrap is a street food canteen enclosed in an elegant precious little box, offering a unique gastronomic experience.

Photography | Dionisis Andrianopoulos
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