Sea Spice

For Sea Spice, the challenge was to create the feeling of a sea food restaurant through the use of colors and of materials with appropriate textures. The key feature of the composition is the roof of the bar, a metal net construction with repeating light bulbs, an idea influenced by a picture of a fish market.

The imposing marble bar that runs along the lounge and ends up to the open kitchen dominates the space. It is visually connecting the outdoor dining area with the lively seafood preparation area. The open kitchen functions as a visual backdrop, while at the same time it can be isolated by the retro glass panels in bronze frames. On the carrara arrabescato bar counter, Bert Frank’s bronze lampshades bring to mind glittering memories of past decades.

The elements made of wicker, the deep blue hues along with the bright white touches on the walls, the bronze details and the carefully placed mirrors form a fresh palette of contrasts. The spiral, almost sculptural, staircase in the center of the space is reminiscent of the interior of a yacht, while the backs of the seats are either made of wicker or dressed in white and blue striped patterns, enhancing this distinctive nautical tone. Oversized kentias are used to give an overall summer feeling.

Photography | Katerina Avgerinou
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