The new decoration and renovation of “Pere Ubu” acclaimed bar – restaurant was based on strengthening its function as a casual restaurant, following the “burger bar” concept. The new style draws from the American dining culture and is attributed through an abstract approach.
In order to attribute the new concept, the introduction of new morphologies in the area has been adopted, focused on the formulation of a lower wood-lined zone, which wraps around the perimeter of the area, creating different seating areas and new hospitable corners for guests. This wooden “band”, made of vertical solid oak wood boards, ends by lining the dominant bar, located at the right edge of the hall. Lining the loft surface with the same material has turned in to a focal point which, despite its low height in comparison to the level of the ground floor, serves as a live zone not only for moving through but also for leisurely staying in the hall. This low zone was further strengthened by placing two elongated tables that create a central axis, taking advantage of the entire dynamics and width of the hall, serving a main meeting point.
These morphological elements, linked to the image and memories of a metropolis, create an urban interior setting. The “hungry” sign, custom-made using brass and iron, the metallic perforated, canvas-style, grids, and the large metallic decorative luminaires by Le Corbusier serve as a reference to the street life of an urban centre.

Photography | Vangelis Paterakis & Katerina Avgerinou
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